The art of Amigurumi

Amigurumi is a Japanese art that involves knitting or crocheting with yarn to produce small dolls, cute animals and other knit toys.

A type of Amigurumi could even be the doily table mats (semedaki – σεμεδάκι in Greek deriving from the French word chemin de table) or the grandmother’s curtains we almost always ignored but it seems people started to love them again and they could be easily integrated into folklore decoration.

Amigurumi came into my home through my beloved moonlight & starshine and its kitty-strawberry Easter candle for my Nefeli and also our newest addition, my daughter’s favourite, the Queen Froggy from leggybuddy.


Thank you all very much! Nefeli adores her buddies! ♥

Talking about knitting and art, I came across something very innovative: the knot cushions by Umemi (Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir) which can be found at Design House Stockholm. The inspiration came to her as she was trying to knit the large legs of a teddy bear more efficiently. That was it, the knot cushion was invented!

photo by Jonas Lindström for Umemi

Back to school

A beautiful and creative idea that can send you back to those innocent school years! It is just the feel on your fingers of a little chalk dust. Without second thoughts you write freely because you just know that erasing and correcting is in the palm of your hand (or in the sponge :). In that way you can create, let go, enjoy…

photo by IKEA

My first thought was to transform this prosy IKEA child table. With a little blackboard paint, this white surface can change colour and mood daily; from a sunny landscape to a colourful child’s scribble.

One thought leads to the other; you only need to make the first step. Get your hands on your precious paintbrushes and you get more ideas! I decided what to do with all these empty wine bottles which were only taking up space in my cupboards!


You don’t need much, only a paintbrush, paint and chalks for later. Useful advice for our prospective artists: don’t forget to rub all surfaces well with a sandpaper, even the glass bottles, then clean them thoroughly and remove all dust with a cloth.

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… and a nice idea for old jars to decorate your kitchen on a happy tone

Strawberry season

My obsession to attach emotionally with everything and never throw away stuff led me collect these strawberry baskets bought in late spring.


A beautiful idea that gave a happy note to my balcony was to paint them at pastel colours and decorate with colourfoul candles which I can’t wait to light, if summer ever comes to Switzerland this year! 😉


Don’t forget to rub the wood well with a sandpaper before applying the paint!

For a very special person

Even though this blog is about decoration, this post may be a little bit different but as I have said in my very 1st post, in this blog belongs anything inspirative. Thus, I want to dedicate these few lines to these things that inspire each one of us, to these people, some of which we don’t personally know but admire their work, personality and passion, and some from our inner circle. To everything that makes us inspirative and creative; that contribute even marginally to who we are.

To a very special one… ♥

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day to all proud mommies in every corner of the world!

Alles Liebe zum Muttertag an allen stolzen Mamis in allen Ecken der Welt!

Bonne fête des mères a toutes les mamans heureuses aux quatres coins du monde!

Tantissimi auguri a tute le mamme orgogliose in ogni angolo del mondo!

Χρόνια πολλά σε όλες τις περήφανες μανούλες σε κάθε γωνιά του πλανήτη!






The Playground Project

A very special exhibition is taking place in Kunsthalle Zürich until 15th of May 2016. It is the Playground Project with a focus on playground design, history and connection to its surroundings: the city and the society, edited by Gabriella Burkhalter.

My visit with my daughter was totally worth it!


Playgrounds are as old as the urban landscape. From the end of the 19th/beginning of 20th century, it was an invention meant to cover a basic need: playing within a dangerous urban environment. Since after all children ≡ imagination, playgrounds were the perfect canvas for urban designers in the 20th century. However, over-regulations regarding safety (real and legal) in the last few decades discouraged potential landscape artists and playgrounds become boring.


The exhibition IS a playground. It wants to revive the creativity in playground design. Children play and parents learn the history and social background of the playground.

IMG_0452 IMG_0398.JPGIMG_0469v2

If your child is above 5, I would recommend to visit the family workshop – build your own playground!


Lights or Hangers?

An important element for the tidiness of a home is the storing of coats and jackets of visitors. No, it is not a solution to empty your own clothe stand or entrance closet every time. I would go as far as to say that I despise coat hangers and hooks in the entrance area that “shout” perhaps too loud their reason for existence.

I got a solution for you: How about these wonderful colourful Bubble Hangers from Vaulot and Dyèvre for Petite Friture? They can be fixed irregularly and asymmetrically on the wall and resemble more of a light installation than a hanger set. I think I love it!

coloured bubbles

grey bubbles
images by Petite Friture

An inspiring storage idea

I just had to fall in love at first sight with Lego’s lunch box. After all I am a great lover of colour and playful attitude in decoration! It was at my beloved Caspar , in the heart of Zürich, that I first saw them. So many colours and sizes that can create any combination you can imagine! They can colourfully decorate and at the same time bring order to the children room or even, in a more pastel or gray tint, become in imaginative decorative, but yet functional piece in our office or living room.

For the time being, my personal collection is bejeweled by my daughter’s Lego lunch box. I look forward to replacing any boring storage box in my home creating my own inspirational Lego construction!

image by Chris Snook
LEGO office.jpg
image by Room Copenhagen
Lego Lunchbox
image by inspirationtales

A day in Zürich’s Art Museum

One of the first places I visited (and totally loved) in Zurich when I first came, was the Kunsthaus (Museum of Modern Art). Every time we have visitors ever since, I never omit to take them there.


(image by kunsthaus)

This is how I turned up again last Saturday with an aim to admire once again the fabulous permanent collection together with my visitor.



As the admission on that day was free and many events were taking place (as a promotion of the various offerings other than the marvelous artistic masterpieces), me and my little visitors had not only the chance to visit but also to “work” in the museum’s very atelier! What an amazing idea for our little artists; to let them unfold their creativity and artistic nature in a place so magical, where we can even meet art’s zenith!


As I came back home, I began gazing my own “artworks”… Aw, how I would love to be a child again…



P.S. For those interested, it is definitely worthwhile to have a look at their “Angeboten