Welcome back inspiration tales!

It’s very busy to be a mommy of two babies… So after a big break, the time came for inspiration tales to come back!

But what does break really mean? Break only from realizing and sharing your dreams due to the lack of free time, but your mind always works and dreams and draws inspirative ideas that eager to become real. Creativity never takes a break!

First post before the real comeback of iT, couldn’t be but the inspiration behind the Christening of little Lida.

photo by christos castanos

The theme was joy and happiness like the smile of your baby. Joyful and colorful by the sea.

The little mermaid dived in the baptistery accompanied by her friends the jellyfish and everyone seemed to enjoy the moment.

Pink, Coral, Greenblue and Gold! What a happy combination!

photos by iT and christos castanos

In this dream, inspiration tales’ special love to handmade and crochet could not be missing. A special and warm THANK YOU to moonlight & starshine! You gave life to our little mermaid and her jelly friends with your “golden” needle.

Photos by moonlight & starshine

How can an innocent and original child’s drawing lead to the most inspirative and handmade invitation card. Thank you little Emmanuela and thank you Mary for your most unique graphic design! photo by iT

P.S. Close your eyes, dream of any idea and it may as well come true


Let’s inspire a birthday party!

The 1st design challenge for 2016 couldn’t be but the birthday of my little Nefeli. A design mommy must inspire the most magical party ever!

In our case, it was clear and simple. There was absolutely no doubt that this part would be a “FROZEN PARTY” in snowy Zürich; just like the day she was born one year ago! And also of course to honour the worship of all girls of our time (Emma’s as well): Disney’s Elsa.

The case is pretty straightforward; let ourselves immerse in the movie, deep in snow and in magic. Let’s feel for once that maybe we ARE indeed “Elsa of Arendelle” and let all the inspiration come to us!

Snowy Zurich. “Let’s inspire a real Frozen Party! Yay!!

Ideas towards party brilliance:

❄ Name all foods and beverages from our favourite movie characters!

❄ Frame movie lines on walls and windows!

❄ Fill the house with snowflakes ❄❄❄

❄ Provide guests with the necessary tools to “build a snowman” and crayons to colour their favourite characters!

❄ Use music from the movie soundtrack

❄ Cool tip not only for frozen parties: Project photos on your TV from your sweetheart’s last year! In our case from birth to 1!

FOTO 2v2.jpg
The FroZen cake and cupcakes just had to steal the limelight! Credits to Happy Cake Story!
With our focus on the heroes and colours of Frozen, let our imagination do the rest!

movie linesv3

IMG_3671 - Copy.JPG
…and of course our Snow-queen!

P.S. Happy birthday Nefeli! May your days be full with inspiration!