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Wishes for a wonderful start of the week!

Set your goals, make your plans and give your best self to achieve this.


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  • Pink-gold clips from Orell Fussli
  • Pink-gold diamond pencil from Orell Fussli


  • Glamorous cup for your coffee to go by h&m


  • Globe representing the continents about 200 years ago by Interio


  • DIY Fragrance Oil for your space. Don’t through your empty glass of perfume and fill it with a fragrance oil preferably a biological and essential one.


  • Another DIY Project for you with a bit more work ;). Selves and pen holders for your office. You only need some empty baskets and vases from marmalades. Choose the colors you prefer or what matches to your office and just paint them!!


  • Buy a frame and put your kids painting ♥





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Kartell presents Madame – World of Emilio Pucci Edition

Although this chair was designed in 2014, it took me a while to discover it, last winter :-), and also to share it with you.

photos by Kartell

It drew my attention the minute I saw it, not just because I looove colours around me, but also because I thought it could effortlessly tie in a cold, minimal room giving it a special and unique character.


It is a creation of Philippe Starck for Kartell designed with Emilio Pucci’s prints. The theme of this chair was inspired by the Cities of the World line of the famous fashion house. This line is dedicated to the cities with the house’s greatest boutiques. These abstract prints bring out the urban landscape of New York, l’Avenue Montaigne à Paris, la Piazza di Spagna a Roma and the skyscrapers of Shanghai, honoroung in such a way their architecture and uniqueness.


The chair has an upholstered seat with a soft, rounded design on the seatback and arms with either a transparent crystal or a solid black polycarbonate base.


Time for DIY!

As I was tidying up my kid’s room, I came up with one of these ideas you just have to make happen! My “spring do it yourself” project!


I decided to transform this suitcase, used for the Christening clothes of my little Lida to a beautiful bedside table for her room!

What do I need?

  • My brushes
  • Four wooden furniture legs
  • A happy coral pink colour
  • and of course the suitcase

You can find tips and details on the painting process on my Back to school post.

Don’t hesitate to ask, should you need any further information.


Happy Belated New Year Everybody!

Frohes Neues!

Well, I started preparing this post in January and I managed to share it now in March! At least I made it on time for the Iranian new year but I missed the Chinese one by about a month. At least the Arabic one is in September, therefore it is never too late for a happy new year wish!!!

Dear 2018! Welcome! Please be healthy, inspirational and give us some more time during the day, to give life to our dreams and goals!

At my first 2018 post, I would like to share with you some inspirational, beautiful, notable designs that came to my attention, either via internet, by walking around in the city or simply by visiting my doctor :-). So keep your eyes open and be ready for anything; you never know when the idea will come to you!

The Dutch Cabinets

When I first laid eyes on this multifunctional storage solution, I immediately fell in love with it. Designed by Marie-Louise Groot Kormelink for her own children as a storage piece to last all children’s phases, at least from baby to pre-school!

The collection belongs to the Dutch company Kast van een Huis® and consists of two series, the Amsterdam and the Durgerdam. The design of these cabinets was inspired by the unique architecture of 17th century houses around the canals of Amsterdam. They are available at a variety of colours, from pastel to more vivid combinations and their use can be multiple. Either as children’s clothes wardrobes, as small book-shelves for the office, or generally in any possible space that one wants to give a special tone and character.

The Amsterdam series are since 2013 part of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts collection, while in 2010 it unanimously won the prix “Découverte” of the Salon Maison & Objet in Paris.



photos by Kast van een Huis® 

Epona Rocking Horse

For all these mommies and daddies that after having a baby, saw their space transform to a not so “beautiful” and decorative area. How about replacing your children’s classic rocking horse with an Epona Rocking Horse? Epona was created by Ottawa’s Federal Design House Studio from copper wires, wood and a piece of rabbit fur (perhaps not the most animal-friendly seat cover out there).


Fotos by Federal Design House

Corner Eating Animals

What do you think of this corner protectors for your kids? These cute animal corner protectors from Japan can transform your table to a cute and kids-friendly table. They are available in three variations; brown bear, white cat and green frog, at first by Nitori, the Japanese version of “IKEA” and now so simple on Amazon.


Lohner Carlson – Unique Active Images

Even though I am a fan of handmade art for my own space, I have to admit that I was taken aback when I visited my doctor and saw these framed video/pictures used for wall decoration. Photos that are alive, photos that can talk to you; photos that give life to their space, being incomparably better from an artistic point of view to conventional tv screens decorating similar waiting areas. Imagine a photo that you can see the tree’s branches moved by the wind, clouds that move or small waves in the lake.

Lohner Carlson silences unique active images


From 2016 to 2017

Dear beloved readers,

In October 15th, inspiration tales welcomed a new member in its team:

Welcome to our world Lida!


That’s why it had been a while since our last post. But don’t worry; inspiration tales will be back soon with new inspirative posts!

Happy and inspiring 2017 everyone!

Maria, Nefeli, Lida

Sweet September (or cheap and chic)

…and so comes the time when each of us takes turn in saying farewell to those clear-blue-water dives under the bright sun; to those careless vacation moments. Since I was little, I always felt that post-vacation time was somehow linked to a renewal or renovation I needed to do. This is, obviously, something that happens to everyone; a return to our base, a start of a new “academic year” full of optimism, new goals and rejuvenated surroundings!

IMG_1254 - Copyv3.jpg

I, thus, feel that it is the right moment for me to present you my personal “alchemies”, that brought me this sentimental renovation without hurting my wallet. This explains the part of the title “cheap and chic” or  how one could state “before you through away a common or a too common furniture!”.

These ideas still inspire me for the next big changes I am preparing in my home.

If this IKEA chest of drawers could speak… what would I have heard… From dark brown, it was transformed to light turquoise (colour actually included in this years collection!) for the main bedroom. Then, just before Nefeli’s arrival, it became a part of Nefeli’s dressing table at a pal baby pink.

IKEA Malm chest of 3 drawers black-brown (foto by IKEA)

14349168_10208872583230132_2116451563_n img_1429v3

The bad choice of dark brown continues with this kitchen table (dark furniture generally tends to absorb the brightness of a room). No worries though, it can be easily transformed to a worn-out country style kitchen table.

bjurstav2.jpg IMG_1438.jpg

(IKEA Bjursta Extendable dinning table, brown-black)

What about this shine black TV-table that makes you want to cry? A nice orange colour can give an impressive pop-art touch in the living room:

besta-burs-tv-unit__0257769_pe402052_s4 img_1459

(IKEA BESTÅ BURS TV-unit, gloss black)

Continuing our mood for changes, there is a solution for the lazier ones that would rather avoid the whole painting procedure; assuming of  course that your furniture’s colour does not “kill” you every time you see it. How about changing only the knobs of your furniture? An easy, fast but also profound change.


IMG_1460v2.jpg  img_1469

I wish you all the fun with your personal ideas! I’m always here if you need me for more magical inspiration!

Let’s inspire a birthday party!

The 1st design challenge for 2016 couldn’t be but the birthday of my little Nefeli. A design mommy must inspire the most magical party ever!

In our case, it was clear and simple. There was absolutely no doubt that this part would be a “FROZEN PARTY” in snowy Zürich; just like the day she was born one year ago! And also of course to honour the worship of all girls of our time (Emma’s as well): Disney’s Elsa.

The case is pretty straightforward; let ourselves immerse in the movie, deep in snow and in magic. Let’s feel for once that maybe we ARE indeed “Elsa of Arendelle” and let all the inspiration come to us!

Snowy Zurich. “Let’s inspire a real Frozen Party! Yay!!

Ideas towards party brilliance:

❄ Name all foods and beverages from our favourite movie characters!

❄ Frame movie lines on walls and windows!

❄ Fill the house with snowflakes ❄❄❄

❄ Provide guests with the necessary tools to “build a snowman” and crayons to colour their favourite characters!

❄ Use music from the movie soundtrack

❄ Cool tip not only for frozen parties: Project photos on your TV from your sweetheart’s last year! In our case from birth to 1!

FOTO 2v2.jpg
The FroZen cake and cupcakes just had to steal the limelight! Credits to Happy Cake Story!
With our focus on the heroes and colours of Frozen, let our imagination do the rest!

movie linesv3

IMG_3671 - Copy.JPG
…and of course our Snow-queen!

P.S. Happy birthday Nefeli! May your days be full with inspiration!