Welcome back inspiration tales!

It’s very busy to be a mommy of two babies… So after a big break, the time came for inspiration tales to come back!

But what does break really mean? Break only from realizing and sharing your dreams due to the lack of free time, but your mind always works and dreams and draws inspirative ideas that eager to become real. Creativity never takes a break!

First post before the real comeback of iT, couldn’t be but the inspiration behind the Christening of little Lida.

photo by christos castanos

The theme was joy and happiness like the smile of your baby. Joyful and colorful by the sea.

The little mermaid dived in the baptistery accompanied by her friends the jellyfish and everyone seemed to enjoy the moment.

Pink, Coral, Greenblue and Gold! What a happy combination!

photos by iT and christos castanos

In this dream, inspiration tales’ special love to handmade and crochet could not be missing. A special and warm THANK YOU to moonlight & starshine! You gave life to our little mermaid and her jelly friends with your “golden” needle.

Photos by moonlight & starshine

How can an innocent and original child’s drawing lead to the most inspirative and handmade invitation card. Thank you little Emmanuela and thank you Mary for your most unique graphic design! photo by iT

P.S. Close your eyes, dream of any idea and it may as well come true


The art of Amigurumi

Amigurumi is a Japanese art that involves knitting or crocheting with yarn to produce small dolls, cute animals and other knit toys.

A type of Amigurumi could even be the doily table mats (semedaki – σεμεδάκι in Greek deriving from the French word chemin de table) or the grandmother’s curtains we almost always ignored but it seems people started to love them again and they could be easily integrated into folklore decoration.

Amigurumi came into my home through my beloved moonlight & starshine and its kitty-strawberry Easter candle for my Nefeli and also our newest addition, my daughter’s favourite, the Queen Froggy from leggybuddy.


Thank you all very much! Nefeli adores her buddies! ♥

Talking about knitting and art, I came across something very innovative: the knot cushions by Umemi (Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir) which can be found at Design House Stockholm. The inspiration came to her as she was trying to knit the large legs of a teddy bear more efficiently. That was it, the knot cushion was invented!

photo by Jonas Lindström for Umemi

A day in Zürich’s Art Museum

One of the first places I visited (and totally loved) in Zurich when I first came, was the Kunsthaus (Museum of Modern Art). Every time we have visitors ever since, I never omit to take them there.


(image by kunsthaus)

This is how I turned up again last Saturday with an aim to admire once again the fabulous permanent collection together with my visitor.



As the admission on that day was free and many events were taking place (as a promotion of the various offerings other than the marvelous artistic masterpieces), me and my little visitors had not only the chance to visit but also to “work” in the museum’s very atelier! What an amazing idea for our little artists; to let them unfold their creativity and artistic nature in a place so magical, where we can even meet art’s zenith!


As I came back home, I began gazing my own “artworks”… Aw, how I would love to be a child again…



P.S. For those interested, it is definitely worthwhile to have a look at their “Angeboten

Emma & Nefeli

As a new “silly-mommy” but also as an old “silly-auntie-godmommy” I could only inaugurate my blog with something directly connected to the two loves of my life: Emma + Nefeli!

As I was boasting about my little fairy painting, by my favourite artist, my niece, I came across the sites: “Child’s own studio” and “Just Cuddle”. They got me really excited!! What a magnificent, brilliant idea! The favourite painting of our little friends transformed into a doll, becoming alive in some way. Of course I did not hesitate to try it out. The result made me absolutely fall in love!