Monday goals


Wishes for a wonderful start of the week!

Set your goals, make your plans and give your best self to achieve this.


Shop my home:


  • Pink-gold clips from Orell Fussli
  • Pink-gold diamond pencil from Orell Fussli


  • Glamorous cup for your coffee to go by h&m


  • Globe representing the continents about 200 years ago by Interio


  • DIY Fragrance Oil for your space. Don’t through your empty glass of perfume and fill it with a fragrance oil preferably a biological and essential one.


  • Another DIY Project for you with a bit more work ;). Selves and pen holders for your office. You only need some empty baskets and vases from marmalades. Choose the colors you prefer or what matches to your office and just paint them!!


  • Buy a frame and put your kids painting ♥





The Playground Project

A very special exhibition is taking place in Kunsthalle Zürich until 15th of May 2016. It is the Playground Project with a focus on playground design, history and connection to its surroundings: the city and the society, edited by Gabriella Burkhalter.

My visit with my daughter was totally worth it!


Playgrounds are as old as the urban landscape. From the end of the 19th/beginning of 20th century, it was an invention meant to cover a basic need: playing within a dangerous urban environment. Since after all children ≡ imagination, playgrounds were the perfect canvas for urban designers in the 20th century. However, over-regulations regarding safety (real and legal) in the last few decades discouraged potential landscape artists and playgrounds become boring.


The exhibition IS a playground. It wants to revive the creativity in playground design. Children play and parents learn the history and social background of the playground.

IMG_0452 IMG_0398.JPGIMG_0469v2

If your child is above 5, I would recommend to visit the family workshop – build your own playground!