Neobio Family Park

As I was surfing the internet, I came across this Family Park and my first reaction was simply wow…! is this for real??

It’s the Neobio Family Park located in Shanghai, China, and as per its architects (X+Living) it is a real indoor amusement park.

It includes Reading areas, one for the kids and one for the parents, a Dinning area, a miniature Sims city, a Climbing area and a Party room.

Such ideas are simply beyond words! I now let you immerse yourselves in the magic of colours and of the eccentric furniture through the photographs of the Family Park by Shao Feng. Maybe your next trip is already planned for Shanghai? 😉


Fotos by Shao Feng

Neobio Family Park: a park every city should have!

Well, guess what? While writing these lines, I found out there’s another Neobio Park in a neighbouring city Hangzhou! This park is almost 3 times bigger and makes up the whole 1st floor of a mall! It looks like a modern version of a 60’s retro Las Vegas bar inspired by the nearby river.


Fotos by Shao Feng

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