The art of Amigurumi

Amigurumi is a Japanese art that involves knitting or crocheting with yarn to produce small dolls, cute animals and other knit toys.

A type of Amigurumi could even be the doily table mats (semedaki – σεμεδάκι in Greek deriving from the French word chemin de table) or the grandmother’s curtains we almost always ignored but it seems people started to love them again and they could be easily integrated into folklore decoration.

Amigurumi came into my home through my beloved moonlight & starshine and its kitty-strawberry Easter candle for my Nefeli and also our newest addition, my daughter’s favourite, the Queen Froggy from leggybuddy.


Thank you all very much! Nefeli adores her buddies! ♥

Talking about knitting and art, I came across something very innovative: the knot cushions by Umemi (Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir) which can be found at Design House Stockholm. The inspiration came to her as she was trying to knit the large legs of a teddy bear more efficiently. That was it, the knot cushion was invented!

photo by Jonas Lindström for Umemi

Back to school

A beautiful and creative idea that can send you back to those innocent school years! It is just the feel on your fingers of a little chalk dust. Without second thoughts you write freely because you just know that erasing and correcting is in the palm of your hand (or in the sponge :). In that way you can create, let go, enjoy…

photo by IKEA

My first thought was to transform this prosy IKEA child table. With a little blackboard paint, this white surface can change colour and mood daily; from a sunny landscape to a colourful child’s scribble.

One thought leads to the other; you only need to make the first step. Get your hands on your precious paintbrushes and you get more ideas! I decided what to do with all these empty wine bottles which were only taking up space in my cupboards!


You don’t need much, only a paintbrush, paint and chalks for later. Useful advice for our prospective artists: don’t forget to rub all surfaces well with a sandpaper, even the glass bottles, then clean them thoroughly and remove all dust with a cloth.

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… and a nice idea for old jars to decorate your kitchen on a happy tone