Strawberry season

My obsession to attach emotionally with everything and never throw away stuff led me collect these strawberry baskets bought in late spring.


A beautiful idea that gave a happy note to my balcony was to paint them at pastel colours and decorate with colourfoul candles which I can’t wait to light, if summer ever comes to Switzerland this year! 😉


Don’t forget to rub the wood well with a sandpaper before applying the paint!


For a very special person

Even though this blog is about decoration, this post may be a little bit different but as I have said in my very 1st post, in this blog belongs anything inspirative. Thus, I want to dedicate these few lines to these things that inspire each one of us, to these people, some of which we don’t personally know but admire their work, personality and passion, and some from our inner circle. To everything that makes us inspirative and creative; that contribute even marginally to who we are.

To a very special one… ♥