A day in Zürich’s Art Museum

One of the first places I visited (and totally loved) in Zurich when I first came, was the Kunsthaus (Museum of Modern Art). Every time we have visitors ever since, I never omit to take them there.


(image by kunsthaus)

This is how I turned up again last Saturday with an aim to admire once again the fabulous permanent collection together with my visitor.



As the admission on that day was free and many events were taking place (as a promotion of the various offerings other than the marvelous artistic masterpieces), me and my little visitors had not only the chance to visit but also to “work” in the museum’s very atelier! What an amazing idea for our little artists; to let them unfold their creativity and artistic nature in a place so magical, where we can even meet art’s zenith!


As I came back home, I began gazing my own “artworks”… Aw, how I would love to be a child again…



P.S. For those interested, it is definitely worthwhile to have a look at their “Angeboten