Merry Christmas!

All the best wishes to you and your loved ones! I am definitely in a place full of love, joy, inspiration and tales, recharging my batteries for the next challenging year.



Going to the exhibition…

End of November, I visited the International Interior Design Exhibition in Zürich, neue räume 15. The thing that struck me the most, as a colour enthusiast, was the cubit, developed from the German company Mymito. The impressive and alive colours for your sofa or your bookshelf, that may look like a Lego construction; you can shape them as you like! I totally fell in love with them! How creative and how happy…

1  2

(images by cubit)

Coming back home I faced once again my old crooked bookshelf, legacy of our first furniture shopping with my husband, which didn’t really satisfy me lately and was one of the first pieces on the list to be replaced.


Until I possess my own cubit bookshelf, I have to do something about it!

Ta da:


Try it before you decide to throw away your furniture or before you break the bank to replace it. The only things you‘ll need are some brushes, paint, imagination and… tons of positive spirit.

And here the artist in action:


Christmas is all around…

And as Christmas is approaching and little Nefeli is everyday turning more and more into a house demolisher, leaving me wondering how I am going to even dare decorate a Christmas-tree, Zauberbaum, the magic tree came to me!!!

A very different and brilliant idea came from the Swiss furniture store Pfister that escaped completely from the conventional solution “I will decorate a small tree this year”. I personally loved it and so did my house! Voilà:

           zauberbaum      zauber12

With the guidance of Erika Hauenstein, decoratrice and colour-designer and Pfister’s unrivaled organisation in the decoration collection.

It can be adjusted to every personal style and fit any decorative approach and it can be of course easily protected from any little rascal like Nefeli!

Emma & Nefeli

As a new “silly-mommy” but also as an old “silly-auntie-godmommy” I could only inaugurate my blog with something directly connected to the two loves of my life: Emma + Nefeli!

As I was boasting about my little fairy painting, by my favourite artist, my niece, I came across the sites: “Child’s own studio” and “Just Cuddle”. They got me really excited!! What a magnificent, brilliant idea! The favourite painting of our little friends transformed into a doll, becoming alive in some way. Of course I did not hesitate to try it out. The result made me absolutely fall in love!